Versace – Bright Crystal: So Romantic

Versace is one of the high-end designers who make fairly affordable perfumes, and Bright Crystal is one of Versace’s best. Sweet, musky, and fruity, this floral fragrance is perfect for daytime wear. Comprised of notes of pomegranate, yuzu, frost, peony, magnolia, lotus, amber, musk, and mahogany, this scent is absolutely perfect for daytime wear, especially in the spring and summer months.

Bright Crystal is a perfume by the famous Italian fashion brand Versace and represents a new version of one of their most popular perfumes Crystal Noir. Over the years, it has gained its audience, even among those who are not fans of the classic Crystal Noir. Probably because there are not many similarities with it, except for the bottle of the same shape, but lighter colors, at least as far as the scent itself is concerned. Bright Crystal is perhaps even more popular today than its predecessor, especially among younger audiences.

Versace – Bright Crystal: So Romantic

The Versace brand says about him:

“Scents are the real secret weapon of every seductress. Versace perfume Bright Crystal is enchanting and sensual for a confident woman, yet feminine, sensual and above all glamorous.”

The perfume composition of Bright Crystal perfume is floral-fruity and is one of the best examples of how to do this popular fragrant accord in a simple, gentle, and subtle way so that every element is felt throughout the perfume: fruit juiciness, seductive flowers, and a gentle fresh touch of musk. When you apply Bright Crystal you have the impression that you are in a small and charming garden, sitting on a wicker chair and reading a novel about the greatest loves in history. As you sip invigorating iced tea with pomegranate and yuzu, a gentle breeze caresses your skin and brings you the essences of magnolia and peony that are all around you. It is not the moment when you fall in love with a man, not even with yourself… it is the moment when you fall in love with the feeling itself when you fall in love with love itself.

Bright Crystal can be the perfect gift for someone taking their first steps in the world of perfume, a girl entering the world of adults, or an adult who wants to escape from the world of adults for a moment. If you want to remember what it’s like to feel youthful, a little naive, but happy for no reason, this is the perfume for you.

[Fragrant notes] top notes: yuzu, pomegranate, water notes; middle notes: peony, magnolia, lotus; base notes: musk, amber, mahogany. [Fragrant group] fruity floral.


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