How To Pick The Right Cologne/Perfume For You?

What’s the Difference Between Cologne/Perfume, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Parfum?

Here’s a top-level breakdown so you know the real difference and can now choose the right fragrance option for you.


What are Top NotesBase Notes, and Medium Notes?

the fragrance pyramid with top notes, heart notes and base notes

Top Notes: Typically lighter scents and what you’ll smell first.

Base Notes: Typically bolder and stronger scents that you’re left with after applying the cologne.

Medium Notes: Typically your more fruity notes that combine with your top and bottom notes. It pretty much ties everything together.

Overall, the smell is going to differ from a person to a person and how they truly interact with their own body’s chemistry. The notes are a good overall guide so you know what you’re getting out of the cologne, but don’t be afraid if you see a note that you may not love, it doesn’t mean the entire cologne will smell like that. It’s just how they all work together.


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